Baden-Baden Lichtentaler Allee

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Lichtentaler Allee is the most famous street in Baden-Baden and one of the best known in the whole of Baden-Württemberg. It leads mainly through a city park. There are several well-known buildings, theatres and museums along Lichtentaler Allee. The Oos stream flows parallel to Lichtentaler Allee for a few metres.

Lichtentaler Allee begins in the centre of Baden-Baden. The street is largely closed to cars. Romantic carriage rides are very popular on Lichtentaler Allee. The trees along the boulevard are interesting. There are said to be over 300 different species of trees: from typical native trees to rare exotic species that can hardly be found anywhere else in Germany.

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Lichtentaler Allee leads from the central Goetheplatz to the Lichtental district of Baden-Baden. The very first building on the right-hand side is probably the most important. It is the architecturally extremely impressive theatre of the city of Baden-Baden (see picture below). Other important buildings are the Galerie Belle de Jour, the Kunsthalle, the Museum Frieder Burda and the Stadtmuseum Baden-Baden. Several luxury hotels have also settled along Lichtentaler Allee.

Lichtentaler Allee was largely designed in the middle of the 19th century by Oskar Eduard Benazet, who ran the Baden-Baden casino at the time. He put a large part of the money he earned from the casino into beautifying the town of Baden-Baden.

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Natural beauty: Lichtentaler Allee is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, a combination of manicured gardens, walking paths and tree-lined avenues. It is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn when the flowers are in bloom and the leaves are changing colour.

River Oos: Lichtenthaler Allee is located on the River Oos, which forms a peaceful and beautiful backdrop to the park.

Historic buildings: Several historic and elegant buildings along the avenue, such as the Trinkhalle and the Kurhaus, add to the overall charm of the area.

Rose garden: Lichtentaler Allee has a beautiful rose garden, which is a real pleasure to visit when the roses are in bloom.

Sculptures: Various sculptures and fountains in the Lichtentaler Allee add to the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the area.

Hiking and cycling: Lichtentaler Allee is an ideal place for leisurely walks and bike rides. The paths are well maintained and offer a peaceful environment for outdoor activities.

Cultural events: The park regularly hosts cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions, especially in the summer months.

Cafés and restaurants: The nearby Kurhaus and other places in the park offer the opportunity to enjoy snacks and meals with a view.

Accessibility: Lichtentaler Allee is easy to reach and is not far from the city centre, making a visit convenient and enjoyable.

A visit to Lichtenäller Allee is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is the ideal place to take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of Baden-Baden. Whether you are looking for a peaceful holiday or a picturesque stroll, Lichtenäller Allee is an unmissable destination in Baden-Baden.