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St Pauli is known for red light, brothels, nightclubs and pubs, among other things. I often go to pubs in St Pauli. I will briefly introduce some of these, my favourites, in this article. Most of the pubs in this article are only a few metres away from the Reeperbahn, but not directly on the Reeperbahn.

Reeperbahn Hamburg: The most famous party street in Germany

My first regular pub was “Zum Silbersack” in Silbersackstraße. about 50 metres south of the Reeperbahn. The legendary Erna, who was the boss of the Silbersack for something like 50 years, unfortunately died a few years ago. Zum Silbersack is a neighbourhood pub that usually gets very busy at night, then it’s standing room only.

Silbersack Pub HamburgBy Wikiuka – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The atmosphere in the Silbersack is good, little has changed here in the last decades. Zum Silbersack Hamburg is a good place to meet people, both Hamburgers and tourists

Also just 50 metres south of the Reeperbahn is the pub “Zum Anker” on Davidstraße. The entrance to the brothel street Herbertstraße is right next door. Zum Anker Hamburg is a classic pub with a bar and tables. Not too big, but always something going on.

The toughest bars in Hamburg are on the other side of the Reeperbahn, especially in “Hamburger Berg” street. You walk away from the Reeperbahn at the Kentucky Fried Chicken. The second house on the left is the “Goldene Handschuh”, a total crash pub that is open 24 hours a day.

Even tougher is the Elbschlosskeller across the street (also always open). In my opinion, there is hardly a more down-and-out pub in the whole of Germany. The audience is largely made up of homeless people. You can also visit pubs like the Goldene Handschuh /Golden Glove( or the Elbschlosskeller as a tourist, it’s not totally dangerous. Watch out for pickpockets, aggressive people and the like. It’s best to order an Astra beer from the bottle, as in all pubs in the St Pauli neighbourhood. You get a 0.3 litre bottle of the beer. In most pubs around the Reeperbahn, it costs between 2 euros and 2.70 euros.

Further up the street Hamburger Berg, about 150 metres on the left, is one of my favourite pubs. In the Hong-Kong Bar, the Astra costs only 2 euros (as of autumn 2019). You always meet interesting people at the bar, and the staff are also in a decidedly good mood. The history of the Hong Kong Bar Hamburg, which you can read about in the pub, is exciting.

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Perhaps the most famous pub in St Pauli is the Ritze, right on the Reeperbahn. It is the legendary boxing pub in Hamburg. There has been a boxing room here for decades. Boxing as a sport has been associated with the pub “Zur Ritze” in Hamburg for decades. The door at the entrance to the Ritze in Hamburg st Pauli is also world-famous, a swinging door with painted spread legs of women.

Ritze Reeperbahn HamburgBy Moros – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link