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Coming from Freiburg, Hinterzarten is the first major holiday resort in the Upper Black Forest. Hinterzarten is best known for winter sports, especially the ski jump. The famous former ski jumpers Georg Thoma, Dieter Thoma and Wolfgang Steiert come from Hinterzarten. As Hinterzarten lies between 800 and 1250 metres above sea level, the winters are snowy.

The village of Hinterzarten is one of the most beautiful places in the southern Black Forest. Tourists especially like the many Black Forest farms. There are many restaurants and hotels in Hinterzarten, including top hotels.

At the back of Hinterzarten, the Black Forest Ski Museum has been housed in the Hugenhof for a good 10 years.


Another sight worth seeing in Hinterzarten is the Adler ski jump. It is a mat ski jump (summer ski jump). Large competitions are held here every year.

Holiday in Hinterzarten Top 10 sights and more

1. the Black Forest: Hinterzarten lies in the middle of the Black Forest, a vast and beautiful region known for its dense forests, rolling hills and tranquil lakes. The village is the perfect base for exploring this natural wonder. Hiking and cycling trails run through the area and offer outdoor fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the untouched nature of the forest.

2) Hinterzarten train station: The village train station offers good connections to the rest of the Black Forest and Germany. Traveling by train takes you through picturesque landscapes and is a convenient way to explore the region without a car.

3. Titisee: A short drive from Hinterzarten takes you to Titisee, one of the most famous lakes in the Black Forest. This crystal clear lake is ideal for swimming, boating and walking. You can also buy souvenirs and traditional Black Forest products in the local shops.

4. Adlerschanze: Hinterzarten is famous for its ski jump “Adlerschanze”. If you come in winter, you might be able to attend a ski jumping competition. In summer, a lift takes you to the ski jump tower, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. 5.

5. Hiking trails: Hinterzarten offers an extensive network of hiking trails for hikers of all levels of difficulty. Particularly popular is the Rothausweg Hohe Blume, which takes you to the summit of the Hohe Blume and offers you a breathtaking view of the Black Forest.

6. the Black Forest Open Air Museum: Just a short drive from Hinterzarten, this museum offers an insight into the history and culture of the Black Forest. It features historic farmhouses, mills and workshops and offers an insight into the traditional life of the region.

7. St. Oswald’s Church: The village’s St. Oswald’s Church is a picturesque place of worship. Its architectural charm and quiet location make it a beautiful place for reflection. 8th.

8. Skiing and winter sports: Hinterzarten is a popular winter sports destination. The region is an ideal area for skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in the winter months. The nearby Feldberg is a center for winter sports activities.

9. Local cuisine in Hinterzarten: Try the regional cuisine of the Black Forest in the village restaurant. Don’t miss dishes like Black Forest ham, hearty stews and Black Forest cake. You can also enjoy the local wines and beers.

10. The Ravenna Gorge: Just a short drive from Hinterzarten, the Ravenna Gorge is a picturesque natural attraction. You can hike along the gorge, admire the waterfalls and explore the historic Ravenna Bridge.