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Todtmoos is a well-known holiday resort and health spa in the southern part of the Black Forest in the Wehratal valley. Todtmoos is surrounded by mountains and valleys that are a popular hiking area. Todtmoos and its many small suburbs are home to particularly many and beautiful typical Black Forest houses.

Todtmoos is a health resort. A large clinic is located above the village. Todtmoos is internationally known for a large sled dog race that has taken place here every year since 1975.

Todtmoos consists of a total of 13 villages, which together have just 2400 inhabitants. The municipality lies between 800 and 1250 metres above sea level. The winters are snowy. The main village of the municipality of Todtmoos is also called Vordertodtmoss. Todtmoos is very popular among hikers.

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