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The Pforzheim Wildlife Park is an animal park, comparable to a zoo, in the south of the city of Pforzheim in the northern Black Forest. The main focus of the Wildpark Pforzheim is European, native animals (mainly larger mammals). In contrast to a zoo, the enclosures in the Pforzheim Wildlife Park are much larger, some are several hectares in size. Also, unlike a zoo, the Wildpark does not charge an entrance fee and is always accessible (even at night, etc.).

Because the enclosures are relatively large, the animals have much better opportunities to retreat than in a typical zoo. This is much better for the animals, but has the disadvantage for the visitor that you often don’t see the animals. However, you are allowed to feed some species of animals in the Pforzheim Wildlife Park with food bought in the zoo. The advantage of feeding is that the animals come up to the fence and can be observed at close quarters. The food is available from vending machines in various places for one euro. However, you should only feed the animals for which this is expressly permitted. There is a sign at each enclosure saying whether feeding is allowed or not. If you feed animals in the Pforzheim Wildlife Park that you are not allowed to feed, this can have serious consequences for the animals and for you. For example, you can be expelled from the park and have to pay for the damage caused.

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At the entrance to the Wildpark Pforzheim there is a nice beer garden with reasonable prices. Not far from the entrance is a petting zoo. This is especially popular with young visitors to the Pforzheim Wildlife Park. There are two nice playgrounds. One is near the main entrance, another is at the back of the zoo. The children’s farm is also great.

List of animals in the Pforzheim Game Park (excerpt): Bison, elk, deer, roe deer, wild boar, lynx, reindeer, chamois, ibex, horses, Scottish Highland cattle, goats, mouflon, horses and ponies, raccoons, tanuki, otters and several more.

A special feature of the Pforzheim Wildlife Park is the forest climbing garden. Adults and children can test and improve their climbing skills on walls, high paths and the like. There is a charge for the climbing garden.

How to get to Wildpark Pforzheim: Take the city bus line 5, for example, from the main railway station (the bus station is 30 metres to the left of the main exit of the main railway station). Get off at the bus stop Hochschule / Wildpark. Travel time is about 15 min. There are many parking spaces at the Wildpark – parking costs 2 or 5 euros for 3 hours, depending on the day of the week.

Opening hours Wildpark Pforzheim: The Wildpark is open every day from 7 am to 8 pm. For some things, like the petting zoo and the farm for the children, shorter opening hours apply (7 am to 5 pm).

Admission prices Wildpark Pforzheim: Admission is free! You only pay the parking fee (in 2017, as far as we know, 3 euros during the week and 5 euros on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). The parking ticket is valid for 3 hours. If you come by bus, on foot or by bike, you pay nothing. Getting there by bike is a bit of a hassle, as it’s about 2 km up a steep hill from Pforzheim city centre.

For more information and updates on the Pforzheim Wildlife Park, visit www.pforzheim.de.

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