Black Forest: Climate, Weather and Travel Time

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The climate in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is a large area and the climate varies greatly from region to region. Within a few kilometres, the climate can be very different at the same time.

The Rhine valley, to the west and south of the Black Forest, is considered the warmest region in Germany. The sun can shine for days all year round in the Black Forest, but it can also rain for days. So you have to be a little lucky with the weather on a Black Forest holiday, or book at very short notice.

The annual rainfall in the Black Forest varies greatly from region to region. As a rule, it rains much more at higher altitudes than at lower altitudes. In the west of the Black Forest, the climate is rainier than in the east, in the north it rains a little more than in the south. The rainiest climate is on the Hornisgrinde mountain, with an annual average of almost 200 litres per m² per month. At lower altitudes to the east of the Black Forest (such as Villingen or Donaueschingen), however, the average is well below 100 litres per month.

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The weather in the Black Forest can change within minutes in the mountain regions, for example. Sudden thunderstorms are unpleasant and dangerous surprises for hikers. Abruptly appearing heavy fog can also become a major problem. Not everywhere in the mountains and valleys you have mobile phone reception in an emergency.

It is not uncommon to experience inversion weather in the mountains of the Black Forest, especially in winter. Then the climate is more or less reversed: It is warmer at higher altitudes than in the valleys. Often the best weather is then on the mountain above the clouds with sunshine, while in the valleys there is a climate with cold and fog. Especially winter sports enthusiasts love such days.

The average annual temperature in the Rhine Valley, such as in Baden-Baden, Offenburg or Freiburg, is around 9 degrees, while on the highest peaks, such as the Feldberg, it is barely above 2 degrees. On the high mountains, in many years there are more than 100 days with a closed snow cover. Winters are therefore relatively snow-sure in the mountains of the Upper Black Forest, which is especially good for winter sports enthusiasts.

Best time to travel in the Black Forest

Those who come to the Black Forest for hiking will find their ideal travel time, as almost everywhere in Germany, in high summer. The best winter sports months are December to March. The Black Forest is least busy in late spring and autumn. That’s when you’ll find more peace and quiet and the cheapest hotels.