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Konstanz, on the western side of the Bodensee, is the largest city on the lake. Kontanz is located in Germany directly on the border with Switzerland, the border actually runs through the middle of the city. The Swiss part of the city is called Kreuzlingen in the canton of Thurgau. Konstanz has about 85,000 inhabitants, and together with Kreuzlingen the conurbation has just under 120,000 inhabitants. The University of Constance has about 10,000 students.

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Constance is a very old town, which already existed in Roman times. Constance lies between Lake Überlingen and Untersee on a peninsula and was thus well protected from enemy attacks in the past. The most important tourist attraction in Constance is Mainau Island. The most important and striking building is the Constance Minster (Romanesque). Construction of the church is said to have begun around the year 700. However, the two high towers were not completed until the 16th century.

Getting to Constance: The two airports Friedrichshafen and Zurich are both a good hour away by train. Constance has good rail connections to Germany and Switzerland. The ferry from Constance to Meersburg is a clear shortcut if you want to go north or north-east from Constance (e.g. to Friedrichshafen, Lindau or Bregenz).

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