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Durbach: wine, history and natural beauty

Nestled in the green, hilly Black Forest landscape, the charming community of Durbach beckons with its scenic beauty, rich history and exquisite wines.

1. Wine:
With its temperate climate and fertile soils, Durbach is a true paradise for viticulture. The region is particularly known for the production of crisp, aromatic Riesling wines, but also red wines. Wine lovers can: In and around Durbach there are vineyards and wineries with farm shops and wine tastings everywhere.

Wine Tastings: Visit the local wineries, meet the winemakers and enjoy the unique flavors.

Vineyard hikes: Hike through the hilly vineyards, breathe in the fresh air and learn something about wine growing.

2. Staufenberg Castle:
The Staufenberg Castle that was built is a testimony to Durbach’s illustrious past. The castle offers not only a rich history, but also panoramic views of the Rhine Valley and the expansive Black Forest. Some highlights are:

Discover the fascinating history of the castle, its architecture and the stories of the noble families that resided here.

Winery: Staufenberg Castle combines history with Durbach’s wine culture and offers tastings of the estate’s wines in an atmospheric ambience, as well as a great farm shop selling wine and other goods from the region.

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3. Outdoor Adventures:
The landscape around Durbach is great for outdoor fans.

Hiking: From leisurely walks to challenging hikes, there are hiking trails to suit all needs. The hilly landscape interspersed with orchards and forests offers a tranquil backdrop.

Cycling: The region has well-developed cycle paths that allow visitors to explore the scenic surroundings at their own pace.

4. Culinary delights:
Durbach’s culinary scene reflects its wine – full of flavor and character.

Local Restaurants: From traditional German cuisine to international dishes.
Farm to table: Many restaurants in Durbach pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients, offering a fresh and authentic taste of the region.

The bakeries in the center of Durbach offer great regional specialties such as onion cake.

Central, old house in Durbach with tourist information and local history museum – museum 2 euros entry in 2023

5. Festivals and events:
Durbach comes to life during its numerous festivals, celebrating everything from wine and harvest to history and culture. Mark your calendar for events like the annual wine festival in June.

6. Practical information:
Getting there: Durbach has good road connections. The nearest major airport is in Strasbourg, the nearest train station is in Offenburg. Buses run every hour between Durbach and Offenburg train station during the week, slightly fewer on weekends.

Accommodation: From cozy guesthouses to luxurious hotels, Durbach offers options for every budget and taste.