Getting around the Ruhr area

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Public transport

Public transport (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams and buses) in the Ruhr area is operated by the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR). There are underground trains in some cities. S-Bahns and regional express trains (RE) operated by Deutsche Bahn run between the cities in the Ruhr region. There is a uniform tariff system, so tickets are generally valid on all means of transport as well as on the local trains of Deutsche Bahn (not, for example, on the IC or ICE). The frequency of connections is very high, you can get almost anywhere every 10-20 min during the day. The S-Bahn and the RE lines are sometimes a bit overloaded and there are delays. Most of the time, however, you get to your destination quickly and on time with the VRR.


There are a variety of prices and offers in the tariff area. The most important ones for tourists in brief:

Single ticket: In the same city (e.g. from Bochum to Bochum) 2.90€ in 2022, much more expensive for longer distances.

4-trip ticket: Ticket for 4 single trips, 10-15% cheaper than 4 single tickets

Day ticket: In one city, a day ticket costs 7.30€ in 2022, longer distances in the Ruhr area cost considerably more.

In addition, there are weekly tickets, monthly tickets and much, much more.

We have now written a page on the subject of tickets in the Ruhr area. Here you can find more information in this internet travel guide on the subject of tickets in the Ruhr area.

By bike

With the short distances in the Ruhr and the many cycle paths in the area, cycling is a real alternative. If you haven’t brought your own bike, you can also hire one. The best place to do this is RevierRad. This great institution has a branch at almost all main stations. A bike costs €8 per day, but it gets cheaper for longer rentals. There are also cheaper children’s bikes, trailer bikes, tandems and much more.

By car

The road network in the Pott region is well developed. Of course, there are regular traffic jams, especially during rush hour. Nevertheless, you can often get around more quickly in the Ruhr area by car than by other means of transport.

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