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Visit to the oldest television tower in the world – important visitor information

Visiting the oldest television tower in the world is one of the great sights in Stuttgart.

>>> It’s best to buy tickets for the Stuttgart TV Tower online in advance using this link. A ticket costs 10.50 euros in 2024.

You can take the elevator up 150 meters in about 30 seconds. From above you have a magnificent view in all directions of Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

It is best to buy tickets for the trip to the top online in advance using this link. A ticket costs 10.50 euros in autumn 2023. You can park for free in the TV tower, there are plenty of parking spaces.

The television tower from 1956 is almost 2 km south of the city center. You can reach the tower directly by bus 70 from Degerloch subway station (only on weekends). On other days it takes about 10 to 15 minutes on foot from the Ruhbank subway station (U7 and U8).

There are a lot of restaurants around the television tower. The beer garden right by the tower and the café at the top are quite expensive. The snack bar at the parking lot is cheaper.

History & Meaning

The Stuttgart TV Tower is more than just a building for broadcasting – it is an architectural marvel and a symbol of German post-war innovation. The structure, inaugurated in 1956, was the first television tower in the world to be built from reinforced concrete. Over the years it has inspired similar constructions around the world.

With its impressive height of 216.8 meters, the tower dominates Stuttgart’s skyline and offers a juxtaposition of modernity amidst the city’s historic and natural landscapes.

Visit to the Stuttgart television tower

Observation Deck: The tower’s main attraction for visitors is the observation deck. From here you have an incomparable view of Stuttgart, extensive vineyards, the Swabian Alb and, on particularly clear days, as far as the Black Forest. The observation deck is equipped with telescopes and information boards that explain the sights within sight.

Tower Café: Located directly below the observation deck, the café offers refreshments and snacks. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows you can enjoy the panoramic views while having a coffee. The café occasionally offers special menus based on festivals or seasons.

Technical insights: For anyone interested in broadcast technology, certain sections of the tower with appropriate signage offer insights into the technical functioning of the tower and the history of television broadcasting in Germany.

>>> It’s best to buy tickets for the Stuttgart TV Tower online in advance using this link. A ticket costs 10.50 euros in  2024.

Events & exhibitions

A number of events take place in the TV tower throughout the year. From art exhibitions to cultural events, the tower is not just a static monument but a dynamic cultural hub. The calendar of events is regularly updated on the official website.

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Flexible Sightseeing: The biggest advantage of these tours is flexibility. You can get off at any stop that interests you, explore the area as you wish, and then get back on a bus later.

Main attractions: The stops usually include important sights such as castles, museums, zoos, boat trips on the Neckar and the television tower.

Commentary: The bus tours provide headphones with commentary in multiple languages. This helps visitors gain insight into the history and significance of the attractions.

Ticket validity: Typically, tickets for these tours are valid for 24 to 48 hours.

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practical information

Accessibility: The tower is well connected to public transport. The U15 tram stops at the “Ruhbank (TV Tower)” stop, which is just a stone’s throw from the entrance. Parking spaces are available for drivers, although they can become full at peak times.

Entrance fees and opening times: Access to the viewing platform is subject to a charge. There are discounts for children, students and groups. Check the official website for current prices and opening times.

Safety protocols: The tower is equipped with modern safety standards. Elevators and stairs provide easy access to the observation deck. However, certain sections may be challenging for people with mobility issues.

Gift Shop: Located near the entrance, the shop offers a range of souvenirs, from postcards to models of the tower, so you can take a piece of your visit home with you.

>>> It’s best to buy tickets for the Stuttgart TV Tower online in advance using this link. A ticket costs 10.50 euros in autumn 2023.


The Stuttgart TV Tower is not just a TV tower. It is a testament to human ingenuity, a cultural hub and a window to breathtaking views. A visit not only promises a high, but also an experience that makes it an indispensable part of every trip to Stuttgart. Whether you are an architecture lover, a history buff or just someone who appreciates a good view, the Stuttgart TV Tower welcomes you to enrich your perspective.