Science Park Gelsenkirchen

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The Gelsenkirchen Science Park is a symbol and a flagship for the new Ruhr region. New industries are to replace the old dying coal and steel industry. The technology park is mainly used for research into new energy sources for power generation – companies from the solar industry have settled here in particular.

Even the façade of the science park is impressive: a 300-metre-long glass arcade. A pond landscape has been laid out in front of it. Anyone can walk into the building. About halfway behind the glass is a small but interesting exhibition on solar energy. Admission to the Solarexpo is free of charge. In particular, the technology of generating electricity from solar systems is explained using models and exhibits.

The science park is located about 15 minutes’ walk south of Gelsenkirchen’s main railway station in the district of Ückendorf. There is a 210 KW solar power system on the roof of the technology park.

There is also a canteen (bistro) in the building where visitors can also have a cheap lunch (opening hours 8 am to 3 pm).

Note: This page is several years old and will be updated soon.

Tip: If you are interested in technology in the Ruhr area, you should definitely visit the DASA Dortmund museum.

The GE Science Park on the city map

It takes less than 15 minutes to walk from the main train station and the centre of Gelsenkirchen to the Science Park.