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The mountain Feldberg

The Feldberg is the highest of all the mountains in the Black Forest. No other mountain in Germany outside the Alps is as high (1493 metres). The village of Feldberg, located on the Feldberg, has another superlative. It is the highest village in Germany (about 1277 metres above sea level). The main village consists of only a few houses along the B317 main road. This busy road (connecting Basel and Donaueschingen) has a pass height of 1231 metres at the Feldberg, one of the highest road passes in Germany.

Many tourists are somewhat disappointed by the first sight of the Feldberg, especially in summer. You reach the valley station of the Feldbergbahn by car or public bus and are then already about 1,275 metres above sea level. From there, the highest mountain in the Black Forest looks like a grassy hill about 200 metres high (see picture above)

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Cable car to the Feldberg

You can walk to the summit or use the cable car.

The Feldberg cable car, which was only built in 1999, takes holidaymakers up to 1,450 metres in just a few minutes, just below the summit.

Travel times: In the high season between 9am and 5pm, in the low season 9am to 4:30pm. Between the summer and winter season, the Feldbergbahn is sometimes out of service for a few weeks.

Ticket prices to the Feldberg in 2019: Adults pay 9.50 euros for the ascent and descent together. This includes the ride up to the Feldberg tower. Only going up is only slightly cheaper (€7.70 with tower), but the trip down costs only €5.20 (without Feldbergrturm).

This is because many excursionists and hikers go up and then walk down. The railway up the Feldberg is therefore less busy on the way down.

Ticket prices and operating times as of June 2019

There are several restaurants and hotels around the valley station of the Feldberg cable car. In summer, thousands of holidaymakers come here every day. There is a large car park. The exhibition about the southern Black Forest in the large House of Nature behind the car park is also interesting (admission was 3 euros for adults when we visited a few years ago, opening hours 10 am – 5 pm, closed on Mondays outside holidays in winter).

The village of Feldberg

Less interesting is the village of Feldberg on the B317 main road. It consists of only a few houses, mainly hotels and restaurants. Some other villages in the area that belong to the municipality of Feldberg, such as Bärental, Altglashütten or Neuglashütten are typical villages in the Upper Black Forest.

By train to Feldberg: You can reach the area via the highest railway station in Germany, which is served by normal trains (i.e. no rack railway or similar). It is the Feldberg-Bärental station, located at an altitude of 967 metres above sea level.

If you want to explore the area on foot, you will find good hotels and guesthouses here. There are also hiking trails from Todtnau to the Feldberg.