Uberlingen (German Überlingen) is located on the north-western shore of Lake Constance on Lake Überlingen, a branch of Lake Constance.


Meersburg is the most visited town on Lake Constance by day trippers. It is located on the north side of


For me, Lindau is the most beautiful town on the German shore of Lake Constance, next to Meersburg. The special


Konstanz, on the western side of the Bodensee, is the largest city on the lake. Kontanz is located in Germany


Friedrichshafen is the second largest city on Lake Constance after Konstanz (about 60,000 inhabitants). In contrast to LindauLindau, Constance or

Dusseldorf pubs

Dusseldorf’s Altstadt is probably the most famous party district in Germany after St Pauli’s Reeperbahn in Hamburg. There are almost