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Here you can find all information about the Landungsbrucken for tourists.

The Landungsbrucken in the St Pauli district are one of the most famous building complexes in Hamburg. Almost every Hamburg tourist comes here and takes photos. The Landungsbrucken are a landing stage for passenger ships that is almost 700 metres long and over 100 years old. Among other things, they consist of a very long, multi-storey stone building made of tuff.

Landing stages Hamburg Germany

On the shore side are floating pontoons. Since the decline of international and intercontinental passenger shipping a few decades ago, mainly ships of the various companies offering harbour tours depart from the Landungsbrücken. However, there are also ferries of Hamburg’s local public transport and ships to the island of Helgoland.

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Ships have been docking at the site since about 1835. Today’s Landungsbrücken were opened in 1908. They include the several hundred metre long tuff building and the famous gauge tower. There is a clock at the top of the tower. The water level indicator under the tower clock is famous. Here the current water level (gauge) of the Elbe is displayed. The reading is in decimetres. 34 means 3.40 metres, for example.

Water level tower at Elbe river Hamburg

There is a wide footpath on the pontoons between the Landungsbrucken and the Elbe.

Pontons Landungsbruecken Hamburg. Germany

Here, the companies that offer harbour tours sell their tickets in offices. Competition is fierce, and some of the tours of the port of Hamburg are very noisy.

There are also a few restaurants, cafés and snack bars here. Great are the shops that offer Hamburg fish rolls. The fish and seafood rolls at the Landungsbrücken are famous in Hamburg. Many locals think that the best fish sandwiches are served at the Landungsbrücken. Bread rolls with maties, Bismarck herring, but also with crabs, salmon and much more are popular.

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The sellers of the port tours often offer the tickets loudly. Almost all harbour tours in Hamburg depart from the Landungsbrücken. Harbour tours are very popular in Hamburg, and a large proportion of tourists in the Hanseatic city take a tour of Germany’s largest port.

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ship port tour Hamburg

Another sight for tourists is the Old Elbe Tunnel. It is a tunnel under the Elbe through which mainly pedestrians pass today. A large part of them are tourists. The Elbtunnel begins directly behind the Landungsbrücken. You take the lift down and walk under the Elbe. See: Our article about the Elbtunnel

Directly behind the Landungsbrücken in St Pauli runs the Hafenstraße. This street was constantly in the news a few decades ago. There were squats, demonstrations and many confrontations with the police here.

Probably the best-known gastronomic establishment in Landungsbrucken is the Hard Rock Café Hamburg. We have written a separate article about this restaurant: Click here

Important: The Hard Rock Cafe is very popular. It is often not possible to come just like that. You simply don’t get a table because almost all of them are reserved. There are often queues at the entrance and you have to wait for hours. But you can make a reservation. You can only do that if you order a menu right away. Such tickets are available from our partner Getyourguide.

The Landungsbrücken are easy to reach. Several rapid transit lines (S-Bahn and U-Bahn) stop here, at the “Landungsbrücken” station. These are the lines U3, S1, S2 and S3. It is a major transfer station of Hamburg’s local public transport system. Incidentally, the Landungsbrucken are said to be the most photographed structure in the whole of Hamburg by tourists.