Museum ship Cap San Diego (Hamburg)

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The freighter Cap San Diego is the largest museum ship in the world that is ready to sail. It is moored in the Port of Hamburg between Landungsbrücken and the new Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and can be visited daily. As a visitor, you can look at almost everything in the ship, including the engine room, the bridge, etc. In recent years, the Cap San Diego has become one of the most popular sights in the port of Hamburg. Every day, many hundreds of tourists visit the approximately 60-year-old general cargo ship, which was used in the liner service to South America.

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Cap San Diego, museum ship Hmburg

The Cap San Diego was commissioned in 1961. It was a cargo ship that could also transport large quantities of refrigerated goods such as food. With the advent of container ships, such general cargo ships were hardly needed from the 1980s onwards. In the 1990s, the ship became a museum ship. Since then, it has been moored in the Elbe River in Hamburg’s harbour, next to the landing bridges that are quickly accessible to tourists from the city centre.  It is ready for operation again. Several times a year, you can also go on an excursion with the Cap San Diego.

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>>>  Tickets for the Cap San Diego museum ship for less than 10 Euro are available here  >>>

We really enjoyed our visit to the museum ship in Hamburg. For a few euros entrance fee you can walk around almost everywhere in the ship. You can see the private rooms of the crew, the engine room with the huge propulsion, the stoop, the kitchens, the saloon and much more. Most visitors spend 1-2 hours on the ship and are thrilled. You get a great insight into the former life and work on a cargo ship.

Almost 40 people used to work on the Cap San Diego. Today’s museum ship in Hamburg is 160 metres long. With almost 12,000 hp of engines, the Cap San Diego reached a top speed of about 35 km/h (19 knots).

Entrance fees Cap San Diego Hamburg

It’s best to book tickets in advance on the internet. At Getyourguide, tickets cost only around 10 euros for adults.   Tickets are available on this link

Opening hours museum ship Cap San Diego

The world’s largest museum ship is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

Directions and surroundings Museum Ship Cap San Diego

It is best to get off at the U3 underground stop at Baumwall, about 200 metres from the ship. Walk across the Überseebrücke bridge into the Elbe. This is where the Cap San Diego is moored. On board you show the tickets you bought on the internet (also possible on your smartphone).

>>>  Tickets for the Cap San Diego museum ship for less than 10 Euro are available here  >>>

There are a few other sights nearby. On the one hand, there are the Landungsbrücken including the Hard Rock Café Hamburg. On the other side along the Elbe you come to the Hafencity and the Speicherstadt, with the largest model railway in the world and the Dungeon Hamburg. In addition, the great Auto-Museum Hamburg, the Spice Museum and the Speicherstadt Museum are nearby. All these sights are only a 10 to 20 minute walk from the ship Cap San Diego.