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Schluchsee is by far the largest lake in the Black Forest. It is a reservoir, but you hardly notice it. The Schluchsee looks like a natural lake. The lake is more than 5 km² in size (length up to 7.5 km, width up to 1.4 km).

The nice village of Schluchsee lies on the shore of the lake of the same name. It is a well-known health resort.

The huge dam was built around 1930 and can be walked on. There is also a large one over the Schluchsee Dam, but it is closed to general car traffic. The dam wall is over 60 metres high. It dams the river Schwarza. On average, around 100 megawatts of electricity are generated at the Schluchseedamm, which is 5-10% of a larger nuclear power plant.

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