The Oberhausen Gasometer

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The Oberhausen Gasometer is a gigantic gas container. The cylindrical structure is 117 metres high and has a diameter of around 66 metres. It was built around 1930 and was the largest gas container in Europe. The function of the gasometer was to supply gas to a nearby large steelworks. In 1988, the gas tower was decommissioned, but never demolished. To this day, the gigantic industrial monument is the most visually striking building in Oberhausen and the landmark of the city in the north-western Ruhr region.

The gasometer can be visited inside. You can also take lifts to the top. A glass lift goes up inside, another lift outside. From the top, in good weather, you have a gigantic view of the almost mountainless western Ruhr region.

Several exhibitions on different themes are held in the gasometer every year. If there is no exhibition, the entrance fee is 2€ for adults (incl. lift ride). During an exhibition in the building, the entrance fee is usually higher (very often now). The tower is also very popular in the computer game scene. A few years ago, large LAN parties were held regularly (parties with several 100 participants networking their computers).

Incidentally, not far from the Gasturm is Germany’s largest shopping centre, CentrO Oberhausen.

Wonder of Nature” exhibition in 2017

In 2017 there is a very nice and interesting exhibition in the Gasometer of Oberhausen. The exhibition is called “Wonders of Nature” and was extended until the end of November 2017 because of very high visitor numbers. The highlight is a huge globe (Earth) with an unbelievable 20-metre diameter that rotates. Countries and continents are displayed on the globe, as well as extras such as seasons or weather phenomena. The globe is an absolute sight to see, one of the biggest attractions in the Ruhr area in 2017! In addition, there is a very interesting exhibition with pictures on the theme of nature and you can take a look at the Gasometer Oberhausen on the side.

All tickets Bioparc Valencia, a great zoo in Spain.

Admission 2017 Wunder der Natur and Gasometer: 10 euros for adults, children pay 7 euros. There are also family tickets for the Wunder der Natur event for 23 euros and season tickets for 25 euros. It’s really busy, especially at weekends, so it’s best to get to the Gas Tower in Oberhausen early. The admission price is ok for the quality of the attraction in our opinion.

Opening hours 2017 Gasometer and Wonders of Nature: Opening hours are every day from 10 am to 6 pm. It is closed on the month when there are no holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia or public holidays. So during holidays the tower in Oberhausen with the huge earth is open every day.