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By car

Getting to the Ruhr area by car is easy, with motorways leading into the area from all directions. Parking spaces are not always easy to find, especially in the centre of the larger cities. However, there are multi-storey car parks and other paid parking spaces available everywhere.

By train

There are trains to the Ruhr from all major cities in Germany at least every hour during the day. The largest stations are Dortmund, Essen, Bochum and Duisburg. Other cities in the northern Ruhr region such as Gelsenkirchen can also be reached without changing trains from all major German cities such as Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.

Low-cost offers from the railway

Sparpreis ticket; from about29 euros, depending on the capacity of the trains for longer routes with ICE and IC.

Ländertickets: Savings tickets for local travel only for up to 5 people. Also for longer routes, often slow and with changing trains.

Long-distance buses and others

For some years now, long-distance buses have also been operating in Germany. Many of them travel to the Ruhr area. The regular buses are often, but not always, cheaper than the railways.

– Schöner Tag Ticket NRW: Valid only in North Rhine-Westphalia Mon-Fri at 9 am, otherwise all day. For one person 30 euros, for up to 5 people up to 44 euros (prices as of summer 2017). It’s also very cheap if you’re already in the Ruhr area and want to make a day trip to the surrounding area.

By plane

The long-distance rail special is usually cheaper than flying within Germany. This is especially true if you include all fees and the journey to and from the airport. There is an airport in Dortmund and a very large airport in Düsseldorf – only about 15 km south-west of the Ruhr area (Duisburg). Air Berlin often has the cheapest offers for flights within Germany.

Info about local transport in the Ruhr area

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The information is a few years old and, like everything in this guide, without guarantee.

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