Gengenbach sights

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Gengenbach, a charming town in the heart of the Black Forest near Offenburg, is a beautiful destination. Rich in history and surrounded by natural beauty, Gengenbach offers its visitors a unique and fascinating experience. Let’s take a closer look at the sights and attractions that make this town so special.

1. the old town and the half-timbered houses:

Gengenbach’s old town is a living postcard, where centuries-old half-timbered houses and their facades create a fairytale atmosphere. Strolling through the winding cobbled streets is like being transported into a medieval fairytale. The town’s well-preserved architecture bears witness to its rich history. Half-timbered houses are buildings in which the framework consists of beams filled with clay or bricks. This construction method gives the houses their characteristic appearance.

2. the Gengenbach town hall and the Advent calendar:

One of Gengenbach’s most famous landmarks is the town hall. A new window every evening: from 1 December to Christmas Eve, a window of the Advent calendar house is opened every evening at 6 pm. Each window is elaborately decorated and displays a unique motif. The unveiling of each window is accompanied by music and a festive atmosphere.

3. Gengenbach Museum:

Gengenbach is more than just its picturesque architecture. Its rich heritage can also be explored in several museums in the centre of the old town. The Narrenmuseum (carnival) in the Niggelturm is also worth a visit. The rafting museum in Gengenbach is also great. Haus Löwenberg is a small art museum.

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4. the festivals in Gengenbach:

Various festivals and events take place in Gengenbach throughout the year, celebrating the town’s culture and traditions. The aforementioned Gengenbach Advent calendar is a highlight, but other festivals, including music festivals and street markets, also provide ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the town’s lively community spirit.


5. outdoor activities in the Black Forest:

Located in the Black Forest, Gengenbach offers a wealth of outdoor activities. Hiking and cycling are popular options for those who want to explore the beauty of the area.