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Bad Wildbad: A comprehensive travel guide for tourists

Nestled in the northern part of the Black Forest, Bad Wildbad is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by intrepid travelers. With its thermal baths, picturesque landscape and historic charm, Bad Wildbad offers a variety of experiences that make it a must-see for every tourist.

A wild river flows through Bad Wildbad.

1. The history of Bad Wildbad
Bad Wildbad, whose prefix “Bad” denotes a spa town, has a rich history tied to its thermal springs. The Celts and Romans recognized the healing power of these waters and were among the first to use them. Over the centuries, the city developed around these springs and became a refuge for kings and aristocrats in the 19th century.

2. Arrival
By train: Bad Wildbad is easily accessible by train, especially from larger cities such as Stuttgart via Pforzheim. The city’s train station, Bad Wildbad, is in the center. Another stop is at the Kurpark.

The frequent train (S-Bahn) from Pforzheim to Bad Wildbad stops in the center and at the spa gardens.

By Car: Driving allows for a scenic journey, especially as you approach the dense Black Forest.

3. Sights in Bad Wildbad

Thermalbadl: Once a royal spa, the ornate building now serves as a luxurious thermal bath open to the public. The Moorish architecture and Roman bathing culture combine to create a unique experience.

Sommerbergbahn: A funicular that takes you to the plateau of the Sommerberg and offers you panoramic views of the city and the surrounding Black Forest.

Black Forest treetop path: On this treetop path you can get a bird’s eye view of the Black Forest. It ends in a spiral slide or a tower climb.

Hiking and Cycling: There are many trails in the region suitable for both casual hikers and serious hikers. The routes often lead through quiet forests, open meadows and past babbling streams.

4. Culinary delights
Since you are in the Black Forest, you must indulge in the famous Black Forest cake. In addition, the city has a number of traditional German restaurants and cozy cafes where you can enjoy local specialties.

5. Events and festivals Bad Wildbad
Numerous events take place in Bad Wildbad throughout the year:

Rossini Festival: Celebration of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini with performances in the city’s Kurhaus.
Black Forest Weeks: with music, dance and traditional culinary specialties.

6. Nearby attractions
Calw: The neighboring town is often referred to as the gateway to the Black Forest and is known for its half-timbered houses and its connection to the famous writer Hermann Hesse.

7. Where can you stay overnight?
From luxury hotels to quaint inns, Bad Wildbad offers accommodation to suit every budget. Some notable mentions include:

Hotel Valsana am Kurpark: For a luxurious stay with a view of the park.
Guesthouse König: A family-friendly option with a cozy atmosphere.

8. Tips for travelers
Remember to bring a swimsuit for the thermal baths.
English may not be widely spoken by all residents.
The city is safe, but it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings.

Summer mountain railway

The summer mountain railway, one of the main attractions in the spa town of Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest, has been not only a means of transport but also a popular experience for more than a century. The funicular, which transports visitors to the picturesque Sommerberg plateau, offers not only comfort but also a visual enjoyment of the surrounding landscape.

1. Historical Significance:
The Sommerbergbahn, founded in 1908, looks back on a long history and was the main means of access to the Sommerberg area for decades. It was an important step in promoting tourism in Bad Wildbad and enabled visitors to easily reach the health resorts and the panorama on the summit of the Sommerberg.

2. Technical data:
The railway bridges the height difference between Bad Wildbad and the Sommerberg plateau over a distance of around 2.3 kilometers. The summer mountain railway has retained its charm over the years and ensures the safety and comfort of passengers.

3. The ride:
While riding the funicular, passengers have breathtaking views of dense forests, meandering streams and the picturesque town below. The ride, which lasts about seven minutes, seems timeless as you are enveloped in the tranquil beauty of the Black Forest.

4. Sommerberg Plateau:
The destination, the Sommerberg, is a paradise in itself. The plateau offers numerous hiking trails, attractions such as the Treetop Walk and the Wildline Suspension Bridge. The fresh air combined with the panoramic views make the area popular with tourists and locals alike.

5. Modern Facilities:
In recent years, efforts have been made to bring the summer mountain railway up to date. This includes comfortable carriages, barrier-free facilities and regular maintenance to ensure safety.

Black Forest treetop path

The Black Forest Treetop Walk is an iconic attraction in Bad Wildbad, located in the fascinating Black Forest region. The Treetop Walk invites visitors to traverse the treetops of the Black Forest, offering them a fascinating and unique perspective on the region’s flora and fauna. Here you will find a detailed description of this aerial adventure.

1. Overview:
The Black Forest Treetop Walk is a wooden walkway that winds through the treetops and rises above the forest floor. It offers visitors the unique opportunity to observe the Black Forest’s biodiversity from a bird’s eye view.

2. Architectural Wonder:
With a length of over 1,250 meters, the path is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture. Thanks to the use of wood from sustainable forestry and non-invasive construction techniques, interference with nature is reduced to a minimum.

3. The observation tower:
A highlight of the treetop path is its 40 meter high observation tower. It is equipped with a spiral ramp that is not only accessible to everyone, but also offers ever-reaching views. From the top you have a 360 degree panoramic view of the Black Forest, the summer mountain plateau and even the Swiss Alps on a clear day.

4. Pedagogical stations:
Numerous interactive and educational stations are distributed along the way. They provide insights into the forest ecosystem, the species that live there and the importance of nature conservation. They are particularly interesting for younger visitors and make the treetop path a perfect excursion destination for families.

5. Accessibility:
In order to make the beauty of the Black Forest accessible to everyone, the Black Forest Treetop Walk is designed to be wheelchair and stroller accessible. The gentle slope and robust construction guarantee a safe experience for visitors of all ages.

6. Seasonal Charm:
The treetop path has its own charm in every season. Whether the fresh blossoms of spring, the dense green of summer, the golden colors of autumn or the quiet, snowy winter landscape, the walk through the trees offers a different experience every time you visit.